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Fastrack Riders Track Day

Fastrack Riders Track Day

If you think we’re content with being stuck in an office all day while others are out enjoying their motorcycles, well, you’re wrong! While our work is important to us, we’re riders, too, and any day we can spend listening to the revs of an engine—be it from an inline four-cylinder or a rumbling V-twin—or actually throwing on a helmet ourselves and going for a cruise, sign us up!

Following the recent launch of our first generation of NUVIZ head-up display devices, we wanted to be where the action is and where our customers are. So to kickoff the first of many events we’ll attend in the near future, we decided to make the drive from our offices in San Diego up to Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California, for what is arguably one of the most intense (yet relaxed) days you can spend on two wheels.

Fastrack Riders is the premier track experience in Southern California, one which we’re proud to sponsor alongside several other great companies within our industry. Everyone from your average sport-bike owner who’s looking to put their machine and skills to the test (legally and safely) to racing legends like the Bostrom brothers—Eric and Ben—come out for a one-of-a-kind weekend on the tarmac. Auto Club Speedway is a two-mile (3 km), low-banked, D-shaped oval superspeedway that has hosted NASCAR racing annually since 1997, but the facility also utilizes the infield of the massive oval to accommodate several other types of motorsports including a road-course layout for motorcycles and autos. Fastrack Riders offers motorcycle training schools and track days available to the public on this road course, and while several racers and track-goers opt out of riding on public roads, racing is something we’re passionate about, and going fast on two wheels is damned cool no matter how you slice it.  

You can’t truly experience a NUVIZ device without it properly set up on a helmet, let alone test one out, so to help riders demo a NUVIZ in style and comfort 6D Helmets delivered a full size run of their top-of-the-line ATS-1 helmet to ensure the right fit for anyone actually taking to the streets. The ATS-1 features 6D’s patented Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS) technology, an in-helmet suspension and kinetic energy management system that allows the helmet to sheer and displace three-dimensionally when subjected to impact. In other words, it’s good for your noggin in case of a crash! We also enjoy the helmet’s integrated speaker pockets that provide a perfect fit for the NUVIZ headsets.

Our goal for the next year? Get out and meet as many motorcycle enthusiasts as we can! From track days to bike nights to rallies to races, we want to hit as many amazing events as possible to offer technical support for existing NUVIZers and to provide demos for those who have yet to get their hands on a device—as well as to have a little fun in the process!

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Great new review of NUVIZ!

Great new review of NUVIZ!

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